Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Silver City Farmers Market Home & Garden EXPO 2015 Class Schedule
                                                March 20 -March 21 at the Grant County Conference Center

Stay Tuned for 2015 class schedule 


These were the  2014 class activities.

Seed Saving Activities Ongoing both days in the Seed Room:

Friday- 1-5pm: Class & seed cleaning with George Farmer in The Seed Room
*** Bring your saved seeds to learn how to clean them.
Why & how to save seed  educational, informative and fun. Includes several presentations on seed saving – why it is important, harvesting and preparing dry seeds for storage,  harvesting and preparing wet seeds for storage, the history of seeds, demonstrations of techniques for seed screening and winnowing, and fermentation of seeds – which seeds need it – how to do it.
 ~George Farmer owns Axle Canyon Preserve in the Burro Mountains southwest of Silver City which he is transforming into an  ecological preserve to offer solitude and sanctuary for all living things. He is passionate about food sustainability and empowering communities to take control of their own seed sources through family/neighborhood gardens, growing open pollinated vegetables for food and seed, seed saving year to year, community seed exchange activities and sharing knowledge, experience and produce.
Sat- 9:30 - 12:30pm: Class & seed cleaning with Joshua Craven in The Seed Room.
***Bring your saved seeds to learn how to clean them.
Seed Growing 101: Ever wonder how our seed is produced, cleaned, stored, developed, maintained or how our species has co evolved with the plants we eat? Seed Growing 101 is designed to share the ins and outs with all who have interest in the foundation of our agricultural systems: Seed. Whether you are just curious about what goes into seed production or you want to take the next step as a grower and gain actual specifics. Seed Growing 101 has got you covered. Get your seedy answers as the growing season is beginning.
~Joshua Cravens enjoys sharing the gift of seed knowledge. He has been growing seed for 19 years with 13 of them in Monticello, New Mexico. A long time seed advocate and student of natural systems, he is a simple man who is honored to share his seed experience with you
Saturday afternoon: more seed cleaning with George Farmer

Garden Classes Ongoing both days in the Other Classroom
Friday March 21 in the Other Classroom
   1-1:45 pm
The BIG PICTURE of your Yard:
Increased home value, ease, beauty, ecological responsibility, preparedness - How to Plan to Have it All!
~Jean Eisenhower is an environmental (Permaculture) designer of homes and yards since 1988.  She'll help you understand what values are most important to you and how they'll best fit in right relationship to each other and the natural energy flows in your space.
   2-2:45 pm
Compost DIY Class
Everyone from the budding carpenter to the most inept DIY-er can successfully compost without fancy plans or expensive bins. Learn about different methods and the materials and equipment you need--and don't need!--to be a composter extraordinaire. Learn about the theories of composting, to determine what method is right for you, your home, and your garden.
~Sarah Sayles grew up on a farm in southern New Mexico with horses, alfalfa, cotton and a large vegetable garden, and has since  becoming an avid composter and recycling nut. She has served as a Cooperative extension, a 4-H agent, and ag agent and has recently opened a full-service advertising agency in Silver City, called “All West Communication”.
   3-3:45 pm
Get Ready for the Flower Fiesta this summer: Growing Your Beautiful Bouquet
How to grow hardy, tough, perennials and wildflowers for spectacular bouquets. Will include lots of information on planting times & zones, watering needs, soil testing, pollinators.
~Sally Ginet began gardening seriously when she came to New Mexico 9 years ago. She completed the NM Master Gardening Course in 2008 & began doing botanical illustration, the joyful art of her life.
   4-4:45 pm
Preserving your Garden Produce
Including canning, both water bath and pressure canning, dehydration and freezing. Includes a list of publications the County Extension Service offers on food preservation. ??? energy use of various methods.
~Judy O’Loughlin, native Grant Countian, grew up on a family ranch at Buckhorn, NM and graduated with Bachelor’s and Masters degrees from New Mexico State University.  She has worked as a Home Economist/Customer Service Representative and in Banking and Investments.  She currently works as the Grant County Cooperative Extension Service Program Director/Home Economist
Using  Lacto-fermentation to Preserve Garden-fresh Vegetables & Enhance Health.
Preservation of vegetables by lacto-fermentation not only preserves them but enhances their digestibility, increases vitamin levels, & promotes the growth of  healthy flora throughout the intestine. Make your own probiotic foods. Includes demonstration of techniques & recipes.
~Monica Rude, avid gardener & herbalist with 23 years teaching gardening, herbs, food, & health. Owner of Desert Woman Botanicals.
Saturday March 22 in the Other Classroom
   10-10:45 am
Pollinator Friends For The Garden
A discussion on the importance of pollinators, why bees are endangered, other pollinators we need to protect & how to nurture them in our ecosystem, especially home gardens.
~Elizabeth Foster earns her living as a Massage Therapist, and earns joy & lots of good food by gardening in the high desert in Silver City . Though not a scientist, learning how all the bits and pieces of our Mother Earth work together has been her long-time teacher.
   11-11:45 am
Nuts About Peanuts
A brief history of peanuts, soil requirements for growing, how to harvest and dry, nutritional benefits, how to utilize the plant material, how to store and prepare the finished peanut product.
~Novice grower, Carol Fugagli, lives in the Gila Valley with her family and goats and loves eating and growing the perfect crop---peanuts!
   1-1:45 pm
Large and small scale Hoop-House construction for growing season extension
Join a panel of gardeners to learn about Hoop House construction. This workshop will cover a variety of hoop house building methods for professionals and backyard enthusiasts alike. Find out how to extend your growing season through this inexpensive and relatively easy construction technique. Plans and material costs will be made available.
~Andrea Warner is the project manager for the San Lorenzo Green House and Nature Garden at the San Lorenzo School in Mimbres, NM. Since she helped build the Hoop House at the school with a group of volunteers in 2012, she and the students have learned  valuable lessons about hoop house growing throughout the year. A Mimbreña for 12 years, she is a mother of 2 and her joy is helping children plant, grow, and eat their own food.
 ~Jamie Newton helped build the hoop house at San Lorenzo Elementary School. He later adapted the materials and building techniques used for that project to build a hoop house in his home garden which he has used to grow cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, and salad greens. He will describe how a medium-sized hoop house can be built by an individual with limited skills, simple tools, and little expense.
~Monica Hoeper has built and operated 4 hoop houses of varying size and design and has learned a lot in the process.  A local food enthusiast, she enjoys sharing her experiences and encouraging kids of all ages to put their hands in the earth and take part in  the cycles of growth which sustain us.
   2-2:45 pm
Eat Vegetables from Your Garden Every Day of the Year
Learn 5 steps that will help you eat your own vegetables all year. They are simple steps but not necessarily easy. But oh boy do the crisp, sweet fresh-picked carrots taste good in January.
~Susan Van Auken, an experienced gardener, enjoys her own fresh vegetables all year round.
   3-3:45 pm
Regenerative Landscaping
Could your yard become more beautiful and productive over time with minimal work or maintenance by you??? Learn about regenerative systems  seen in nature and how to mimic these in your own yard. Class includes rainwater harvesting techniques coupled with low-tech passive solar and integrated design approaches to energy-saving landscaping.

~Asher Gelbart is owner and operator of a local small business Green Energy Now. Formerly an optical and imaging systems engineer, he has reapplied his engineering inclinations towards simple, low-tech sustainable infrastructures for living in close harmony with the earth.