Monday, June 8, 2015

Double Up Food Bucks for SNAP Participants, EBT, and WIC Vouchers, Senior Commodities Checks

DUFB(Double Up Food Bucks) and EBT

will be at the Farmers' Market for EBT/SNAP(Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) Participants!

You can use your EBT card at the market for food tokens to spend on fresh produce, meat, cheese, eggs, and canned goods.

DUFB, in addition to ebt, is a program for SNAP participants to spend money at the Farmer's Market and receive double in tokens for fresh produce. There are currently no limits to how much you can receive, so spend $40 off your EBT card at the SCFM Booth, and get $40 in DUFB tokens. These tokens are available ONLY while the program lasts.

DUFB tokens are only good for fresh fruits and vegetables ONLY, no plants, cheese, eggs, meat, ecetera...

Double Up Bucks are distributed in even amounts only. $25 off your card will give you $24 in DUFB tokens.


WIC(Woman, Infants, and Children) is to distribute their food vouchers at the farmers' market as available(dates to be announced). Please call your WIC office to check the dates ahead of time. SCFM is not responsible for giving out WIC vouchers, or for any attendance or date changes to the distribution of checks. WIC checks are first come first serve! 

Senior Commodities Checks

Senior Commodities Checks are not distributed at the farmers market. Please call the Department of Health for time and location of distribution and for questions on eligibility and signing up.

A Message from the SCFM Manager

All vendors participate differently, at will, and as able.

If your tokens are declined, please bring any grievances directly to the market manager, Francesca.

Those using the "Community Table" appear like all other vendors, but cannot accept WIC vouchers, Senior checks, EBT, or DUFB tokens AT ALL because they are doing the market on a trial basis. They can accept cash only, or personal checks at their own discretion.

New vendors are often awaiting approval for participation and can accept(in good faith) OR decline(until enrollment is complete) these payments at their own discretion. Vendors cannot get reimbursed for tokens or vouchers that they are not fully signed up for.

WIC and Senior Checks have certain requirements different from SNAP that can keep eligible food from being available at no fault of the vendor or customer, so we ask only that everyone be respectful to one another and bring any misunderstandings directly to the manager.

Tutorials on how to use your tokens or food assistance checks can be given at the SCFM Booth upon request near the 614(blue) building. Look for vendors displaying signs for what they accept.

Thank you!